What is glomp!?

glomp! is an online and mobile connectivity platform which lets friends and acquaintances treat one another with real enjoyable products such as a coffee, ice-cream, a beer and so on. Partnering with quality retail and service brands, glomp! offers a selection of enjoyable treats for you to give to and to receive.

Why would I use glomp!?

Buying a friend a small treat such as a drink is a part of normal friendship when people meet up but increasingly, we are less able to physically get together. At the same time, the wonders of social networking and other digital connectivity channels, allows us to catch up with more friends, more regularly be they near or far, than ever before!

Its nice to send your friends a message. To share a video or to "Like" their posts. But wouldn't it be even cooler to treat them something?

When's a good time to glomp!?

When isn't it a good time to glomp!?!

Here are just a few examples:

Amy posts: "Just landed my dream job!". So her girlfriend Jane glomp!s her a strawberry smoothie near her new office to congratulate her.

Jack responds to David's question: "Where to find the best Thai food in town?". David glomp!s Jack a beer to thank him.

Sam receives a text from his girlfriend Susie: "What a mad day its been at work!". To instantly cheer Susie up, Sam glomp!s her a blueberry muffin.

Its Jasmine's birthday. Her old college roommate from London glomp!s her a glass of champagne.

Daniel has been quietly admiring Bella. He glomp!s her a Strawberry Daiquiri with the message: "Fancy some company when enjoying this drink???".

Didi hasn't caught up with her client Max for a while. She glomp!s him a latte to touch base and to check how business is.

How does glomp! work?

  1. Simply register a glomp! account.
  2. Add friends to your network by connecting via Facebook, searching for them within the glomp! network, or invite them via email.
  3. Go to your friend's page to view their profile and menu. If they are not yet a glomp! member, you can still view their temporary menu.
  4. Select a treat and pay with your credit card, Paypal account or with the stored credit you have in your glomp! account.
  5. Your friend will be notified by email and on their free glomp! smartphone app.
  6. At their convenience, your friend will go to the glomp! partner outlet you have purchased from, present the glomp! voucher on their smartphone to redeem and enjoy. Its that simple!

How exactly does the glomp! voucher work?


To redeem, go to a glomp! merchant partner outlet indicated on your voucher.

Open the glomp.it smartphone app or go to glomp.it on your smartphone browser. The voucher will be inside your glomp!ed voucher list.

  1. Hit the "view" button inside your glomp!ed list for the voucher you wish to redeem.
  2. Tell an outlet staff member that you want to redeem the item and show them the voucher on your smartphone.
  3. The staff member will inform you of their outlet's ID code for you to enter into the field provided on the voucher.
  4. Enter this and hit the 'validate' button. Within a few moments, our central system will send a message back to validate your redemption with a verification code.
  5. The outlet staff will copy this verification code and serve you your treat to enjoy!

Please note: For the sake of operational flow, live validation must be done in the presence of an outlet staff member and be witnessed by them. If you already know the outlet's ID code and validate on your own rather than doing it in front of an outlet staff member, the voucher will unfortunately be considered redeemed and the glomp! partner will not be able to honour that redemption.

Can I glomp! friends who I'm not connected to within glomp!?

Yes you can! If they are already glomp! members, you can glomp! them in the exact same way as you would with your glomp! friends. If they aren’t members as yet, simply invite them to glomp! via the Facebook button in our site or by entering their name, email address and city they live in and glomp! away!

Can I add a message when I glomp!?

Absolutely! And soon, with our own messaging service, when you receive a glomp!, you can message words of thanks back to your friend and continue to have entire conversations within our glomp! messaging service.

I'm so thrilled that my buddy glomp!ed me, I want to share the news with everyone!

Then do it! You can share the glomp! you gave or the ones you've received on Facebook. You can even share photos or video from your "moments" section (coming soon!) to show just how much you're enjoying your treat!

What are favourites?

As a glomp! user, you can select from your menu, products which you prefer and add these to your 'favourites' list (up to 20 at one time). This makes it easier for friends to know whether you prefer, say a cappuccino over a latte. Friends don't have to select from your 'favourites' but it just makes it that much easier to pick the treats you favour. Plus its great fun to do!

I can never decide what products to gift with! Is it easier to find a gift on glomp!?

Well kind of...

The first thing is to understand that glomp!ing = treating. Not gifting. Treating is an everyday activity and not just for special occasions. Its casual and just like digital connectivity, not something you only do once or twice a year. But you could certainly use glomp! to gift too! Our glomp! products are all enjoyable and there's certainly something for everyone and for any situation. And by selecting from your friend’s 'favourites' list, you simply cant go wrong!

Why are products in glomp! priced as 'points'?

glomp! is scheduled to be a global platform and as such, we make it easier with 'points' because different places use different currencies. For example if you’re glomp!ing a friend in London, rather than trying to convert the products on offer from British Pounds Sterling to your currency, you can immediately relate to it as 'points'. One point = USD0.10.

Another important reason for using 'points' is because we want to reward you in the future. For members who either give or receive a good number of glomp!s, we will be rewarding you with 'points' for you to enjoy!

Does glomp! charge any membership fees?

No we don't! The platform is free for you to enjoy using. We only apply a small service charge on each glomp! for well, our services.

I've been glomp!ed! do I have to redeem it immediately?

No. Unless otherwise mentioned on the voucher, you will have 30 days to redeem your glomp!.

What if I don't redeem before expiration?

Then unfortunately, that glomp! voucher will no longer be redeemable and the glomp!er (friend who purchased the treat) will be refunded with points credited to their account minus our service charge.

Can I change the product I've been glomp!ed?

Some merchant partners allow you to change the product you've been glomp!ed to another product of the same value and this should be explained in the merchant's brand page or on the voucher itself. But this is on a case-to-case basis. Some products can also be upsized or upgraded by paying the cost difference at redemption. You can't however swap a product from one merchant to that from another merchant.

Can I transfer my glomp! to someone else?

Sorry no you can't. Surely you appreciate that your friend glomp!ed you, and not another friend of yours. Wouldn't really be nice to give your treat to someone else would it?..

My voucher was not valid and I'm not sure why.

There may be a number of reasons why a voucher is invalid but the most common reason is because it was not properly paid for or authorised. If you think there has been a mistake, please go to the 'support' page and send us an enquiry.

I've glomp!ed my friend but I now want to cancel it...

Did you guys have a fight?! Time to kiss and make up! Cancelling the act of treating is not something we encourage as its not a positive sentiment and glomp! is all about positivity.